“De Gekroonde Zwaan” means “The Crowned Swan”, a tribute to the coat of arms of Nieuwendam, a historical part of Amsterdam where this apartment is located.

Our house was built in 1902 next to the Augustine church and pastor’s house. It is an attractive and sunny house with a characteristic interior. The Nieuwendammerdijk is one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful streets, located in a unique position both close to the bustling town center and the rural Waterland.

The luxurious apartment sports a lovely view of the Nieuwendammerdijk, a fully equipped kitchen and a whirlpool for two.

With the two bikes available to you, you can quickly (about 15 minutes) reach the ferry that will take you to downtown Amsterdam free of charge day and night, as well as the new Eye filmmuseum.

If you decide to cycle in the other direction, you’ll find yourself in picture perfect Waterland in only 10 minutes.

Within walking distance of our house are cosy café ‘t Sluisje with waterside terrace, excellent Indonesian restaurant ‘Puspita’ and our favourite: restaurant ‘de Goudfazant’ located in an industrial building right at the IJ waterside.

“Dyke house between city and countryside”